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If you haven't voted yet, please vote now... most votes gets the grant! 

Artist Scott Andrew, in collaboration with the GLCC, is a finalist for the Children's Museum Makeshop wearables grants! That means they need YOUR VOTE BY MARCH 30TH to be funded! 

There's only this week to vote and the process will only take 2 seconds of your time. 
Please forward this email so others can support!


CONSTRUCTING IDENTITY: An Exploration of Self Through Wearable Sculpture

This project sets out to offer GLBTQ youth the ability to gain confidence through the creation of characters and costumes that are based in their own expression of identity. It is a collaborative effort between artist Scott Andrew and the GLCC's existing Friday night youth Drop-In and PERSAD sponsored After-School programs. These programs currently support a range of 20 to 40 youth each week who are assisted through an entirely volunteer staff. The proposed Constructing Identity project will involve the creation of costumes and wearable sculptures that will be created by GLBTQ teenagers ranging from 13 to 17 years old, who currently attend programs at the GLCC. The project will also be advertised in local school systems and throughout the GLCC network and will be open to youth who have not previously attended the GLCC.

The proposed project involves a summer-long series of workshops in material processes and concepts in character and costume creation... more info athttp://www.makeshop.pghvoicesofyouth.org/node/118