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Thoughts from the Inner Twist

10 December 1976
Im a 34 years and Queer. I am a coordinator for a young adults HIV/AIDS prevention project. I'm generally a pretty busy person, and I like it that way. I have worked and or volunteered for most social service/community groups in my area and/or have connections with them. I enjoy helping people. I enjoy making new friends going new places, fairly typical of most others I think.

I enjoy many different types of music from classic rock to country to rap and pop, punk,industrial, goth, etc. I love to dance. I don't like paying to get in somewhere and then standing on the wall all night. Who wants to pay money for the privilige of leaning on a wall?

I am a very spiritual person. I come from a Irish catholic/methodist background and I am currently an actively practicing neo-pagan.

I pay attention to politics and will admit to enjoying the occasional debate, I like to hear different sides of an issue..(even if I flat out disagree with them)it makes me feel better informed to make my own choices...

I love art of all types, (I like actually creating much better then jus observing). I love doing henna body art, I look forward to the summer, cos I get asked to do it more often that time of year. I LOVE...Stephen King , Esoteric books,etc. I heart drag kings!!!:)

Anyway, that's me in a nut shell.

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